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Fashion, cars, & hairstyles are trendy.  Church should feel timeless.  With the forceful current of constant change sweeping over every part of our lives, people have the need to connect with something enduring and firm.  We believe Christ designed the church to fulfill that need by representing and...

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Current Bulletins

June 27, 2022

Maineville Baptist Church
2022.06.26 AM The Necessites of Repentance

March 05, 2022

2022 Missions Month

Exciting Month Ahead


December 08, 2021

End of the Year Update

Activities, Updates, and Thoughts for the Winter Season

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Service Times: (Nursery available for all services)
Sunday school
Sunday 10:00 am
Morning Service
Sunday 11:00 am
Afternoon Service
Sunday 1:00 pm
Midweek Service & Kid's Bible Time
Wednesday 7:00 pm
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Heart of Your Pastor
This is right on, please take time to read when you can, it is how I often feel. (don’t know who wrote it/put it on our church Facebook page as well)

From the heart of a pastor. The 2022 pastor who is trying to stick with the real thing is pastoring in a day like never before. He is the most lonely man in town. He constantly battles his mind, his flesh, discouragement, not to mention an unrelenting barrage of spiritual attacks. If you leave church and you’ve gotten help, he knows an attack is just around the corner. If God really showed himself big in the meeting you just attended, your pastor walks out of the pulpit feeling like someone with bipolar. He’s ecstatic that there’s been so much help, and God has accomplished so much, but at the same time he’s walking like a reconnaissance soldier walking through a known active mine field cram packed with IED’s.

When you don’t show up for church, the devil is always handy to tell him that he’s the reason. Something he said, something he did, something he didn’t say, something he didn’t do. Is he really even effective in pastoring your family? Is God done with him? Should he go? Is he the reason that your family is struggling?

When you don’t come back on Sunday night, a critical spirit attacks him. Does he not spend enough time in preparation for the second service of the day? Should he even be having a night service? Did they get all they could stomach of him that morning, or is he even being effective at being salt and making you want to be there again. If he were a better pastor they would want to be there, if his preaching was better maybe they couldn’t wait for more and they come back.

When you don’t prioritize God, but constantly put everything else ahead of God and church has he been an utter failure in relating the truths and doctrines of the scripture to your family? Has he demonstrated faithfulness or has he failed.

When you don’t give there’s that voice again “They don’t want you here, or they would support the work of God.” Has he preached so much on sacrificial giving that he’s appearing to be money hungry, or has he not preached it enough for you to understand its importance.

So much I could say. Here’s two things that I want to be clear on..

#1, if you aren’t a pastor, don’t attack this post. Respectfully, you don’t have a clue!!!

#2, I’m not seeking approval or sympathy, just wanting to open the eyes of good people, God’s people, who don’t understand or know.

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