February 05, 2022 Pastor Mark Sage

Encouragement from Psalms 42 & 43

Encouragement from Psalms 42 & 43

From my Scripture reading this morning in the section from the Psalms we read a phrase three times in Psalm 42 and 43 with one small variation. It is in Psalms 42:5 & 12 and also 43:5. On its face value alone it such a great reminder that I need to question my souls when it is down. If I am redeemed of God then I have no business being down very long. I can ask for God's help to:

  • Reveal if there is anything I need to repent of and seek forgiveness.
  • Reveal any way wrong attitude I have and confess it to the Lord.
  • Show me if I am harboring any bitterness, anger, or grudge toward someone or concerning a circumstance.
  • Give all of these things over to the Lord once found and allow Him to carry the load.

Then I take a moment to command my own soul. It says here: "...hope thou in God:.." Every moment of every day, I need to command my souls to this position. I cannot excuse, deny, or ignore any sin or feeling that is not right before God. It must be dealt with now and get my should where it needs to be to have the right relationship and attitude with God.

Finally, there is one small deviation in these three verses. Two verses say "I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance" and one says "...who is the help of my countenance, and my God." What a blessing to consider that He is both of those things to us. He is the help and and the health of who I am in this world and my testimony. I want to have the right attitude in this world and toward this world, being the testimony He desires me to be. I cannot do that unless I am walking with Him, staying close to Him, and depending on Him for the help and health of who I am for Him as well. - Pastor Mark Sage