October 28, 2021 Pastor Mark Sage



There is a common expression of this generation, have you heard it? It is: “YOU DO YOU!” Basically it means this – you do what you want to, what is convenient, what is your taste and don’t worry or care about what anyone else thinks as long as you are comfortable. It is a way of justifying someone for their actions that are often wrong or of low or questionable character.

We like to use other phrases that justify who we are such as: “This is just how I am,”or “I don’t have to change for anyone,” or even “Well, this is the way God made me.” Well you may be a sinner, but God did not create you to be in sin and continue therein.

We use phrases like those mentioned about to justify sinful behaviors that have a hold on our lives. It is what people use to justify their overeating or their indulgences in various forms of entertainment whether it be good or bad. It is what causes people to pursue vain and worthless lifestyles and existences that neither provide them any substance in life, income to show, or worthy product or result for their time or effort. It wastes countless hours on video games, television, and social media just because "We Like It!" So, we often will say this to others so we can justify ourselves in our pursuits, "YOU DO YOU!"

My wife and I tease each other sometimes with that statement when she wants to go shopping or I want to go shooting. Now, most things we all do in moderation are fine. If my wife spends a few hours shopping on Saturday or I go shooting at the range once a month, it is not a problem. But if Pastor Sage went shooting for six hours a day, everyday, for five or six days a week, leaving my work undone, my family neglected, and our financial outlook destroyed - and I say to be people, "YOU DO YOU and I'LL DO ME" then that would be a problem.

More important than my own preferences is that it is not just about me. Because I belong to Christ and I have placed my faith in Him as my Lord and Saviour, then everything I do reflects upon Him. I want to challenge you that this attitude of "YOU DO YOU" should never be an attitude a Believer in Christ should ever take. You belong to Christ. You are His. He has a calling for your life and therefore He wants to use you. But when we do for ourselves or what we want, it almost never lines up with what He wants for our lives.

So rather than "YOU DO YOU" how about you practice some better Biblical phrases and live by them:

  1. YOU LIVE FOR GOD - Romans 12:1-2
  2. YOU DIE TO SELF - Matthew 16:24; 1 Corinthians 15:21
  3. YOU CARE FOR OTHERS - Galatians 6:2; Matthew 25:34-37

These are much better mottos for the Christian to live by.

Give everything to and your all for your God, don't follow the world's self-promotion and self-centered attitudes - Give God your very Best and don't settle for your old sinful ways any longer.

- Pastor Mark Sage