September 22, 2021 Pastor Mark Sage

Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time

Ephesians 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 

This Scripture has only eight words in it but still has great depth and meaning. While I was studying it, there are some things that popped out to me that remind me how important my time on this earth is. 

Sometimes, we think: “Well, my time isn’t that important; I’m not the president or governor; I’m not a missionary, I’m not the CEO of a major company where millions of dollars are riding on my decisions.” 

I’m not saying every moment of your day or mine is important – I am saying that we can and should make our time important again. 

There are times in life where we do not have much spare time – where we are extremely busy working and laboring just to make it. There other times when we will have more time on our hands. But whatever time we have let’s redeem it for God. 

Why, because the days are evil! There is no doubt. If we will take a moment to look at our world, our nation, and even at times those closest to us - we will see that this old world is failing fast. Yet, as Believers, each of us have a calling inside that is greater than all this old evil world can throw at us.

We must, therefore, redeem the time. Every moment possible should be given, lived and used to do what we can for God and for good. Time left to itself, without purpose is wasted and becomes vain, but time given to God even when resting or relaxing, when given to God for the purpose of health and long-term growth, is blessed of Him and redeemed for God's service in the long run.

So if you are feeling down, depressed, off your game, in a funk or whatever it is, get back on track and start redeeming the time for God once again. The ways we can redeem the time are clear:

  • Bible reading
  • Meditating on what you have studied in the Bible
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Prayer, all types for all people and all things
  • Teaching, training our children or others for service
  • Serving at church or blessing others
  • Reaching out to those in need and being an encouragement
  • Telling others about Christ
  • Witnessing to others
  • Attending church services and activities
  • Being productive at our job and in our homes as unto the Lord to provide for them
  • And many more things...

It so important that we stay busy; but not busy for self, or busy for money, but always busy for our Lord God of heaven. Then our time is redeemed and used for our God. - Pastor Mark Sage