All Messages by Pastor Mark Sage unless otherwise noted:

Let This Mind Be In You: Introduction with Testimony of Shannon McNabb

Making Sure You are in the Will of God

Finding Relief

Coaching,Conduct,and Combat in a Corrupt Culture

Dealing With Fear – also Testimony of Lankford “Cleves” Perry

Principles In Witnessing In A Lost World

Submission To The Cause

Submission of All That I have and All That I Am (Plus testimony by Marsha Hopper)

What will it take to get you closer to God? – Dr. Dale Aguiar

Go And Tell Them

Choosing Promises Over Problems

Getting our Friends to Jesus – By Brother Jon Moore

Why we have a great church

Go Forward!

Your true potential

Readying For Divine Appointments

Dealing With Scoffers

Proving Love Is Real

Defeating Doubt

His Pending Return

Avoiding Shipwrecks and Pitfalls

Things worth remembering

Mother, The Spirit Of The Home

Become a good kisser

Obedience – Missionary Brandon Ewer

If the Lord is our shepard he will provide – Richard Abney

Finding your place in the spiritual family – Jonathan Gibbs

No second chances

Making Faith Real

The Soldier’s Faith

The Letter of the Christian Life

Signs of the End Times – Byron Foxx

The Little Word that Changed the World – Byron Foxx

The little man with the big stick – Byron Foxx

Ephesians 5 Part 1 – Richard Abney

Ephesians 3 and 4 – Richard Abney

Being Easily Besetted

Impacting this World for Christ


Your Part in the New Testament Church

All about the new testament church: The biblical church defined

Study In Epheians Part 2 – Richard Abney

Good and Bad Communication Part 2

Good and Bad Communication

satan: What he is doing

I am what I am – Evangelist John Neal

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

The value of commitment

The 3-fold vision of Isaiah

A heart in the right place

Growing in Grace


Looking for another country

Have we got beautiful feet? – Richard Abney

Give me this mountain

Living water – Richard Abney

3 Foolish Thing God Uses – Paul Schwanke

How to save your family – Paul Schwanke

Lost Everything for a Haircut – Paul Schwanke

Salvation – Paul Schwanke

Standing with Christ – Paul Schwanke

A Simple & Complete Life

Searching for Soul Winners

Some Things to Remember


A Place for Mom

Chapter on Faith – Part 1

Signs of Apostasy

What is Apostasy?

Straying From the Fold

Identifying False Teachers

Darkening God’s Counsel

Will You Believe?

Decision Making

Being a friend

Cnrist a better covenant

The parable Mathew 15:1-13

This is the Victory – Our Faith

Why we don’t observe Palm Sunday

Success in Prayer

Getting back to the old paths.

Combating Discouragement in Prayer

Christ’s Pattern for Evangelism

Hebrews 6

Preparing to Support the Pastor – Part 1

The Power of Unity

Once Alienated

Jesus, our High Priest-Part 1

The Mechanics of Fasting

When Faced with His Righteousness

Prayer, the Great Privilege

New year’s Eve 2017 – Brother Mark Thompson

Right Choices

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

God Wants to Visit with You – Evangelist Dale Aguiar

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Remove not the Ancient Landmarks

Blessed are the Merciful

Blessed Are They That Mourn

A Terrible Burden to Lose

Other Battleground’s in the War

The Beginning of an Invisible Battle

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven

The Little Ships– Brother Mark Thompson

Don’t Go Back

Weakening the Word

A Matter of the Heart

Telling the Next Generation – Brother Russell DeSpain

Making Provisions

The Judgement Seat of Christ – Bill Webb

What Jesus Requires and Repeats  – Bill Webb

Christian Soldiering

Finding True Beauty

Jacob’s Sons Seek Provision – Back to Genesis Series

Josiah: Make Something of Yourself

Found the Will of God

Joseph Takes Charge – Back to Genesis Series

Behold, the Lamb

Joseph Exalted – Back to Genesis Series

Stewardship of Liberty – Dr. Chuck Harding

History as His Story – Dr. Chuck Harding

God Continues to Work – Back to Genesis Series

Preparing Ourselves for Soul Winning

Getting Our Joy Back

The Dreamer Cometh (Back to Genesis Series)

Our Singing Saviour – By Byron Foxx

Benefits of Christian Music

Reaping (Genesis Series)

As His Master

Holding Fast to our Profession

Arriving At Home ( Back to Genesis Series)

The Glory of God

Can’t We Just Get Along – Andrew Thompson (10 minute message)

Hell – Michael Coldiron (10 minute message)

I’ve Got Time… – Jordan Morris (10 minute message)

Faith for the New Year

The Conscience – Jonathan Moore

Fundamental Principles #1 – The Word of God

Absolute Surrender

Self Conscience Toward God

The Reasons for Christian Casualties – Dr. Jim Vineyard

Looking at our Problems through God – Dr. Jim Vineyard

“I Am With Thee” – Dr. Jim Vineyard

Serving the Veterans

An Acceptable Sacrifice – Dr. John Bailes

The Parable of the Good Samaritan – Dr. John Bailes

A Collection for the Saints – Dr. John Bailes

The Key to a Missionary Problem

Making a Difference – Missionary Jeffri Polanco – Dominican Republic

Investing Wisely

The Beginning of Reaping (Genesis Series)

Exemplary Service

At Thy Word, Lord

Jacob’s Ladder (Genesis Series)

Some Necessary Considerations

Why Giving is Important

There Are No More Vessels – Evangelist Dale Aguiar

Voting Guide for the Upcoming Election

Your Fruits

Joy or Madness?

Isaac the Well Digger (Genesis Series)

The Generations of Isaac

Matting Our Terrorism as Believers

We Have Seen Strange Things

Abraham: A Bride for Issac Part 1 (Genesis Series)

Trials vs Temptations

The Church/Christian in Laodecia

A Challenge From Christ

Dealing and Reacting to Contrary Winds

Abraham: The Promised Child

Back to Genesis: A Bad Testimony

The Dynamic of the Missionary and the Mission Church – by Missionary Pete Mordh

How to have a Spiritual Appetite

Back to Genesis: A Study on Sodom

2016 07-13 – A Study on Sodom 

2016-07-10 – The Perfect Will of God – Stephen Wrachford

2016-07-03 – Reaching Our Generation and the Next – Mark Sage

2016-06-29 – How to have a Victorious Christian Life – Jon Moore

2016-06-26 – Marriage – Ron Williams

2016-06-26 – Unrepentant Cities – Ron Williams

2016-06-26 – Unrepentant Cities – Ron Williams

2016-06-22 – The City of Lot – Mark Sage

2016-06-19 – 3 C’s that help us lead – Mark Sage

2016-06-19 – Choices – Mark Sage

2016-06-15 – Abraham- Seeking Help for the Land – Mark Sage

2016-06-12 – Overcoming Weariness – Mark Sage

2016-05-25 – Abraham- The Grief of Hagar – Mark Sage

2016-05-22 – The Christian’s Constant Joy – Mark Sage

2016-05-22 – How Could God Love Us. – Mark Sage

2016-05-15 – What the Law Cannot Do – John Neal

2016-05-15 – A Light out of Darkness – John Neal

2016-05-11 – Confimation of Promises – Mark Sage

2016-05-08 – An Unusual Example from a Mother – Mark Sage

2016-05-04 – Abraham- War and Defending Your Own – Mark Sage

2016-05-01 – Tapping into the True Source of Power – Mark Sage

2016-04-27 – Abraham- Separating – Mark Sage

2016-04-24 – New Testament Ministry – Mark Sage

2016-04-20 – Abraham- A Lapse in Faith – Mark Sage

2016-04-17 – Advanced Training – Mark Sage

2016-04-17 – The Risen Christ in the Gospel of John – Mark Sage

2016-04-10 – What to do when the Brook dries up – Mark Sage

2016-04-10 – First Things First – Mark Sage

2016-04-03 – What Jesus Christ Became For You – Mark Sage

2013.01.20pm Guns are not the Problem

2013.01.20am Mark-The Trinity Evidenced

2012.12.30pm When God Was Your King – Pastor Mark Thompson

2012.12.23am Persepectives on Christ’s Birth

2012.12.19 Galatians-A New Way of Walking

2012.12.16pm Hot or Cold

2012.12.16am True Christmas Spirit

2012.12.09pm All for the Faithful Son

2012.12.09am The Best Robe for the Repentant Sinner

2012.12.02pm Honorable

2012.12.02am Time is Short

2012.11.18pm Make a Way

2012.11.18am According to Your Faith

2012.11.11am The Blessing of Veterans

2012.11.04 Issue Voting

2012.10.31 Galatians-Justified by Faith

2012.10.28pm Biblical Principles for voting to be upheld by the Believer

2012.10.24 Galatians-Dealing with a Problem

2012.10.21pm Biblical Principles for Voting-The Heart of the King

2012.10.21am Obligations of Citizenship

2012.10.17 Galatians-The Entrance of the Judaizers

2012.09.09pm What Guides You

2012.09.09am Nicodemus the epitome of a Religious Man

2012.09.05 Life of David – Lessons Learned

2012.09.02am We grow by Laboring in the Church

2012.08.15 Life of David – Making Preparations

2012.08.12pm From a Sacrifice to a Pleasure

2012.08.12am The Simplicty of Prayer

2012.08.08 Life of David – God Using our Frailties

2012.08.05pm Broken

2012.08.05am The 3 fold Affect of the Word on the Soul

2012.08.01 Life of David – The Right Progression

2012.07.29pm Life of David – Why Ahithophel

2012.07.29am Life Of David – Facing Your Absalom

2012.07.18 Life of David – Absalom’s Ruin

2012.07.15pm Making Proper Adjustments

2012.07.15am Responsibility

2012.07.11 Missionary Strull

6-24-2012am Pastor Sage- Why Did You Doubt

6-20-201pm Pastor Sage- The Life of David- Half Hearted Forgivness

6-17-2012pm Andrew Thompson- How to Make a Difference

6-13-2012pm Pastor Sage- Beware of the Deceitful

6-10-2012am Pastor Sage- Renewing Our Strength

6-10-2012pm Pastor Sage- Set Your Affections on the Things Above

6-6-2012pm Pastor Sage- The Life of David- David Fixes What He Can

6-3-2012PM Pastor Sage- Grudge Match

6-3-2012am Pastor Sage- The Spirit of Contrition

5-30-2012pm Pastor Sage- How Repentance and Forgivness Meet

5-27-2012pm Pastor Sage- The Pharisees vs John the Baptist

5-23-2012pm Caleb Garraway- Christ is the Answer

5-20-2012pm Jon Neal- A Voice From Heaven

5-16-2012pm Pastor Sage- The Life of David- Repentance but at a Cost

5-13-2012am Pastor Sage- Great Mothers of the Bible

5-13-2012pm Ron Wiseman- The Memorials of Joshua

5-6-2012 pm Pastor Sage- Life of David- Zeal for the Lord

5-6-2012am Pastor Sage- What Really Matters

4.29.2012. Pastor Sage – Balance in the Christian Life

2012.04.29 Mark Thompson – The Watchman

2012.04.22pm Tim Lapish – Pictures of the Church from Scripture

2012.04.22am Tim Lapish – Our Best

2012.04.22 Tim Lapish – Doors of the Bible

2012.04.21 Tim Lapish – The Sons of Jacob

2012.04.20 Tim Lapish – Vision

2012.04.18 Life of David – A Picture of Grace

2012.04.15pm Rescue Some Souls

2012.04.15am Let the Light Shine

2012.04.11 Life of David – Victorious Christian Living

2012.04.08 The Cross, The Grave, The Resurrection

2012.04.07 MW Teen Rally – Brother Reno Likens

2012.04.07 MW Teen Rally – Special 2

2012.04.07 MW Teen Rally – Special

2012-02-12AM Prepared for Service

2012-02-08 Life of David – The Last Day on the Run

2012-02-05AM The Salt of the Earth

2012-02-01 Life of David – David Encouraged Himself in the Lord

2012-01-29PM Why We Hold to the KJV – By Pastor Mark Thompson

2012-01-29AM Impunity

2012-01-15PM Why We Hold to the KJV; The Spirit of Faith or a Critical Spirit

2012-1-11 Life of David; Working on the Inner Man

2012-01-08PM Pressing on in 2012; MBC Vision Night 2012

2012-01-08AM A Comparison of Religion & Saving Faith

2012-01-01AM Determination

2011-12-28 Life of David; Better Ealier than Later

 2011-12-25 Special – Gloria

 2011-12-21 Life of David; Lies Beget Lies

2011-12-18AM Reactions at Christ’s Birth

2011-12-15 Life of David – Leave Honorably

2011-12-11 PM KJV – The Underlying Text

2011-12-11 Joseph – An Honorable Man

2011-12-07 Life of David – The Snares

KJV Inspiriation and Preservation 2011-12-04 PM

2011-12-04 AM The Pace of the Holidays

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