Dear Governor DeWine,

Thank you for your service to our great state of Ohio.  In general, I believe you have done a good job and served our state well.  I pray for you each day and encourage my church to pray for you as well as all our leaders need God’s help to govern.  I pray for you to have wisdom; to do what is right and good; that God would bless you; and that God would guide you each day.

I’m writing to encourage and exhort you to stand for freedom in our state above all other things.  I applaud you and the state legislature for many laws that you have passed the last few years especially those limiting your ability to close churches and their equivalents.  I’m glad that you recognize the sovereign right in our country to assemble to worship our God as we see fit according our convictions.

I want you to continue to allow this freedom, not just for religious worship houses, but also for all citizens of our state.  I encourage you to allow the other sovereign fundamental rights for our people to earn a living, conduct business, care for their families, have free trade, to assemble as they see fit, and to be responsible for themselves.  The founding of our great state was not accomplished without rugged individuals who were able to go through tough times and settle this land long ago.  We still have strong people here that want the right to care for themselves and their families without the overreach of state or federal government for that matter.  As a former Sergeant in the USMC, and my wife a being a former Corporal in the USMC – we know the value of lives and freedoms and their importance to protect.

While I know you have a responsibility do what you can to protect the lives of our citizens and our commerce – I believe it is equally, if not more important, to allow our citizens to have the freedom of choice.  The freedom to wear a mask, social distance, and remain in our homes, or to do our own risk assessment and go out, while social distancing and live our lives.  

Please Governor DeWine, do not close our businesses again.  Many lost their jobs, went bankrupt, and nearly lost everything last time.  Many will lose even more this time if you close down business deemed “non-essential.”  I promise you, that every one of those “non-essential” jobs are “ESSENTIAL” to the well-being of the families of those that are employed.  Protect our state with information and guidance – but do not protect us by implementing policies that are hurting people on a much wider scale the COVID-19 ever will.  

Finally, you had promised last time that the measures were only temporary to “lower the curve.”  Well, you did it.  Now let us live our lives.  The hospitals are ready, it may not be easy, but let us live our lives.  DON’T SHUT US DOWN!  I would make one recommendation though.  If you ever feel the need that you must shut things down.  Then shut down everything for two weeks save the hospitals, first responders, other healthcare workers and pharmacies.  Give a two-week warning for people to stock up a little, and then reopen things.  At least that is fair, and everyone could keep their jobs.  No more of this long term shut-down policy which destroys lives.  Thank you for your valuable time.


Mark A. Sage, Pastor