A DANGEROUS PATH FOR THE U.S. – “Paper’s Please!”

A DANGEROUS PATH FOR THE U.S. – “Paper’s Please!”

Benjamin Franklin’s quote still holds true: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” I remember growing up in the early 70’s and 80’s when every movie on television seemed to be either an older World War II film that showed the Nazi’s as very evil while Jews were escaping their grasp or it was a movie about the Cold War with our spies in the Soviet Union or Eastern Block nations trying to escape with documents, a high value person, or intel.  One of the lines I always remember the Nazi’s or the Communist party officials demanding from the hero in the movie was “Paper’s Please” with a loud heavily accented voice.  I never thought America could become like those cold war communist countries or fascist regimes. 

We are becoming like them in more ways that one.  I joined the Marine Corps in 1988, our main enemy was the Soviet Union and Communism.  I remember reading articles of the struggles of those in communist countries.  Can you tell me if any of these are sounding familiar?

  • Long lines at the food or hardware store with supplies in short supply.
  • Limitations on healthcare, unless you are deemed essential by the government.
  • Bans on assembling in large groups under the threat of arrest and being held without bail.
  • Churches are demanded to close, and the leaders are arrested for conducting a service.
  • Churches are not essential; they are more detrimental – unless they conform to the state rules and values.
  • Citizens are calling authorities to report on anyone who commits any infraction.
  • The State propaganda gives the news and it is regarded as truth without question.
  • Travel within the home country is banned without government approval and travel outside is banned.
  • The government dictates who can work and when.
  • The citizenry looks to the government for their provisions.
  • Citizens demand, for the greater good of OUR GREAT SOCIETY, that all comply with the government rules and edicts and if they do not they are messing with the social order and safety of everyone else.

Friends, this is ushering in a liberal agenda that is dangerous more dangerous than terrorism or any virus to our nation and harmful to the true church of God who seeks “to obey God rather than men.”  We are on a dangerous path where we give up our liberties for our safety.  We are on the precipice of allowing socialism to gain a foothold in our country.  I’m all for precautions, suggestions and safety.  I think those that are wise enough to follow them will be safer – and those who disregard it are running a risk; but to have our government rule our lives in this way is unamerican.  I do not think we should give up our freedoms for any amount of safety.

Remember this – a right or freedom that is not exercised will be lost very soon.  A right or a freedom given up freely for safety is utterly foolish.  The freedoms we enjoy were given to us by God, the Bible, and on the backs of millions of Americans blood, sweat and tears.  We should not so easily give them up.