Veterans Appreciation Sunday – November 10, 11am

Dear Fellow Veteran,

I wanted to take a moment to invite you out to our “Veteran’s Appreciation Service” at Maineville Baptist Church on November 10th.  We love and appreciate those who have served and sacrificed so much that we might enjoy the freedoms that are so dear to us.  I know that many of you do not seek praise or honor of any kind for your service – but we at our church want to continue to uplift people like you before our younger generations.  The Bibles says in Romans 13:7  “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.”

Mark Sage, Sergeant
USMC 1988-1992

Our Sunday school hour starts at 10 am where we have a more informal time together with coffee and donuts.  Then our main worship service starts at 11 am where we want to especially honor you and the rest of the veteran’s in attendance.  After church, we will have a luncheon especially prepared for our veterans and their families who attend with them.  Our speaker for the day will be Major Robert Smith (USMC, Retired).  He is a combat Vietnam Veteran having served our country for 34 years as both an enlisted man and an officer.

Additionally, if you are able, we’d love to have a picture from your service years for our presentation.  It is not necessary, but we want to get as many of our veteran’s up on our presentation as possible.  Just contact me and I would be glad to scan a picture or you can text or email it to me, (contact info below).

Stephanie Sage, Corporal
USMC 1989-1992

I (Pastor Mark Sage) served in the USMC from 1988-1992.  I trained in Parris Island and Camp Lejeune for the infantry (0352 – TOW Gunner).  I served almost 3 years in Okinawa and left the Marine Corps as a Sergeant at Camp Pendleton, CA.  My wife Stephanie and I met in Okinawa in church.  She was a USMC Corporal serving as a logistics clerk at the time.  Later, we served for 12 years as missionaries to the military.  We ministered to the Army and Coast Guard while in San Juan, Puerto Rico for three years.  Then we went to Japan and served 6 years outside the Yokosuka U.S. Naval Facility there.  We left Japan after the Tsunami of 2011 and ended up in Maineville where we restarted the church that we presently serve in.  

Pastor Mark Sage & his wife Stephanie (Today)

We do hope that you will honor us with your presence on November 10th.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions about this event. 

For God & Country,

Mark A. Sage, Pastor / Mobile: (513) 716-2315

Romans 12:1-2