When I was on the High school football team I was dedicated to my team.  I first started in the 7th grade.  I really didn’t know what I was doing the first two years.  I didn’t know how to read the play on paper let alone put it into practice.  On my Freshman team, I started to learn more and became excited about it.  The more I matured, the more I wanted to work at getting better.  My coach demanded dedication.  So, I started working out in the off season running and lifting weights.  I started going to “2 a days” in the summer as well.  My Sophomore year I played on the junior varsity on Saturdays and was a back-up middle linebacker on Friday nights for the varsity where I was able to get a lot of playing time and lettered for the first time.

I learned to love the game and gave myself to it.  I never missed a practice; I never missed a workout; I worked to grow in knowledge, strength, and conditioning.  I even went to seminars.  My Junior & Senior years I never left the field and played every play of every game (offense, defense, and special teams).  I would even go to the junior varsity games on Saturday to encourage and promote the younger guys on my team.  I believed in my coach’s game plan.  He was passionate about the team and its success and what was good for us.  There were rules for conduct and dress that we had to abide by. I went along with all even though I did not always understand it mainly because of my ignorance and immaturity.  There were times I was corrected and even yelled at when I did not fulfill my role as I should have.  I took the correction and tried to fix the mistakes.  We never had a great season let alone champions in our division, but all in all, it taught me some great lessons.

Now as an adult, and hopefully a maturing Believer, I certainly hope that I can apply more faithfulness to my Lord and Savior and His church He has loved and given Himself for more than I ever did to football.  I have a new team; I have new brothers and sisters; I have new goals; a new plan. Instead of a game – I live for God daily in a lost and dying world.  Instead of practices – I go to every church service of the week.  Instead of conditioning and training – I daily seek to grow through Bible reading & study, prayers, and seeking to learn from other godly people.

Oh, Christians, may each of us dedicate ourselves to God again in a greater way than we ever devoted ourselves to the affairs and cares of this life.  May we be faithful to God, attendance and service at church, and our ministry God has given us.  Our generation of Christians is becoming more faithful to worldly pursuits at the cost of our faithfulness to God who has given His Son to die on the cross for us.   Oh that we may dedicate ourselves to Him anew.  – Pastor Mark Sage