Absolutely Surrendered

Philippians 1:12-30

After his vision on the road to Damascus, and his salvation the shortly followed after – there was nothing that was more important to Paul than fulfilling God’s will and bring glory to the Father.  He lived his life with everything else coming second to Christ.

He had seen great victories in the middle east and Asia and planned on taking Rome by storm with the Gospel of Christ.  He probably imagined that the roads the led to Rome would help him to make it the epicenter of Christianity.

After Rome he planned to go on to Spain and then likely as far as Germany and Britain after that.  His was a life of Absolute Surrender. But it was not because of what he was doing – much more than that – it was because of what he was willing to endure for Christ Jesus.

In our generation in contrast – the Lord is endured as a chore through the week – someone that is to be a tolerated often because He is the Son of God.  So rather than enduring for him and living for Him, we endure Him and live for self.  But that is not what God has intended for our Christian life.

Absolutely means: Complete, not mixed, pure, unrelated to, or dependent on something else. Not partial. Not weakened down.

We have too many members today that are Christians and something else. You cannot be half Christian and half something else. You can’t be a hyphenated Christian.  You are either a believer in Christ or you are not.

But, to be absolutely surrendered you must be first absolutely saved.  I don’t mean, “I think so.” I don’t mean part way. I don’t mean saved on Sunday only. I don’t mean just halfway saved. I am talking about being saved from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

God Never Partially Saves Anyone.  To be partly saved is to be completely lost.  To be almost redeemed is to have totally rejected Christ.  No one is part Christian and part child of the devil.  If that be true then Christ died in vain, and salvation is worth nothing to any of us.

But praise God, you can be saved today.  Simply repent of our sin and put your faith in Christ as your Lord and Savior.  then you will have salvation and a home forever in heaven with the Lord.